Shyfrog Media Relaunches on Drupal 8

I am happy to announce that I’ve relaunched the Shyfrog Media ( site on #Drupal 8 with a new design.

The site has a renewed emphasis on web design and development, media production, branding, and publishing.

Other specialties include music, songwriting, studio & live sound engineering, promotion, and producing.

The site will continue to expand as I publish case studies, projects, blog entries, and music. Thanks for taking a look!

Volunteering: 2016 Uplift Music Festival

The 2016 Uplift Music Festival has teamed up with the ConVal school district and South Meadow School to be the beneficiaries of this years Uplift! We will be raising money for the school music program to buy much needed instruments and equipment for the kids. Everyone involved with Uplift knows the importance of music and the arts in early childhood development. This is a cause that we are particularly excited about!

Uplift Music Festival is a community driven festival showcasing The Monadnock Region’s finest musicians, artists, food, and so much more! Our mission is to “Uplift” our community through a family oriented music and arts event. We encourage all local farmers, artists and businesses to join us at the festival and to share their talents and products with the community. By doing so, they help raise awareness on the importance of supporting our local economy. Each year we choose one small business or nonprofit organization as the beneficiary to receive all profits earned from the event.

Uplift Music Festival will take place August 6th, 2016 beginning at Noon and ending at 11pm. at Oak Park, 791 Forest Rd., Greenfield NH.

Tickets available now.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac: Making “Old” New Since 1792

Back in October of 2015, I announced that “Old is New” and that we had migrated our old Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7. This was an interim launch and the real launch would come at a later date. Well, after a lot of design and usability meetings, the creation of custom branded fonts, streamlined ad delivery system, and so much more, I’m happy to announce it again!
The Old Farmer’s Almanac: Making “Old” New Since 1792

Live Local Music

I am the host of Thunderous Thursdays, a weekly improvisational music jam, streaming live from New Hampshire every Thursday night. It’s mostly off-the-cuff and completely live and raw. Sometimes you’ll catch our band practicing before the jams and a lot of the time there is dead air while musicians take breaks. Conversations get pretty entertaining during that time.

Why do I do this? Lets just say I’m a “lifer”. Music is part of my being and essence. There’s something about gathering other music loving and dedicated individuals to feed off of each other’s willing participation in creation and performance. No other art has the same real-time collaborative ability.

Granted, sometimes it is a cacophony of sound. But there are those magic moments when the groove just settles in and takes you on a journey into unexplored space.

Skipping Lines

One of the few tunes we’re working on. Mistakes and all 😉

Thunderous Thursday: Eat, Sleep, Guitar!

Every week for the past 4 years, I’ve been hosting a music jam session in my basement. Musicians of all persuasions, genres, and abilities from the Monadnock region come to play. Sometimes it’s a symphonic groove and other times it’s a cacophonous mess. Most of the time it’s fun for everyone involved. Non-musicians are always welcome, but it’s not a party and things are always very chill. A good friend (also a lifelong musician) who’s known me for a long time called me a “lifer” with regards to music and guitar. I agree. 🙂