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  • No Dialectic Logic

    "There is no dialectic logic. There are no higher thought forms. There is merely reflection which is wise enough to take account of the fluidity of its subject matter..." ~ Max Eastman The post No Dialectic Logic appeared first on Max Eastman.

Articles by Lucio Saverio-Eastman

Since 1996, Lucio has provided inspiration, support, and leadership for creative, technological, visual, and social media in the financial, publishing, education, music and entertainment, IT, and non-profit sectors.

  • On the “Tyranny of Freedom”

    "As the world begins to reopen, we should all take careful stock of the freedoms and liberties we have retained and ones we may have lost. Most importantly, however, we should shake off the hooks, lines, and sinkers of the world’s tyrants and enforcement sycophants to begin again with a fresh perspective." ~ Lucio Saverio Eastman

  • Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship with the Government

    "The use of fear and enforcement tactics to shut down dialogue and debate have never led to positive outcomes in any personal, societal, or global interactions." ~ Micha Gartz & Lucio Saverio-Eastman

  • Pathological and Parochial Altruism in the Age of Fear

    "A healthy altruism already resides in the concepts of liberty, free markets, free trade, and exchanges that are beneficial to each individual. If in the spirit of entrepreneurship, the defectors from the status quo, the disruptors and ingenious can rise up to challenge the “new normal” and break away from the cult of blind obedience and pathological altruism, then there is still hope." ~ Lucio Saverio Eastman

Daily Economy from AIER

Daily economy news from the American Institute for Economic Research: data, stories, research, and articles touching on economics, politics, culture, education, policy, opinion, technology, markets, healthcare, regulation, trends, and much more.

  • Payroll Gains Beat Expectations, but the Pace Is Slowing

    “Payrolls gains beat expectations in November, but the pace appears to be slowing. Mixed signs for the labor market, sustained price pressures, and an aggressive Fed tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes

  • Inflation is Deflating the American Dream

    "Big-government policies must end before they send us further down the road to serfdom. Our newly elected officials have a responsibility to prioritize fighting inflation, and restoring the American Dream." ~ Vance Ginn

  • DEA Whistleblower Claims Mass Fraud and Corruption. Is Anyone Surprised?

    "What’s good for violent drug cartels is good for the DEA, but bad for the rest of the human race. DEA agents are immersed in a violent and shady world, largely subsidized by US taxpayers and through theft via asset forfeiture." ~ Laura Williams

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One of the biggest con-artists and thieves in history remains free today - and we all know it's because he was a huge Democrat donor.

Justice is dead in America. https://t.co/Xn7XyOu8Iv
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Canada is in indisputable moral and economic decline. Justin Trudeau is petulant, tyrannical, and anti-liberty in personality and policy.

~ @LauraRosenCohen @brownstoneinst

Do we actually have any real evidence that Sam Bankman-Fried is (was) brilliant? I'm not seeing it. He seems like just another punk with no knowledge much less experience. I sense the same from Gates, Birx, Schwab, Farrar (now there's a dummy!), and Daszak (rocks for brains).
It's really true that SBF is doing media rounds to great applause. I thought the Hunger Games was implausible fiction. And yet here we are.
I just watched a WSJ deep dive on @elonmusk's management style. In breathless tones and some degree of alarm, the report reveals the unthinkable. I hope you are sitting down for this shock: he insists that people work hard and demands excellence. I know it's unthinkable.
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