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  • Social Equilibrium

    "Detached idealists of freedom should regard themselves as a mobile force in defense of the social equilibrium. Their aim at all times should be to prevent the domination of society by any one organized idea or power." ~Max Eastman The post Social Equilibrium appeared first on Max Eastman.

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Since 1996, Lucio has provided inspiration, support, and leadership for creative, technological, visual, and social media in the financial, publishing, education, music and entertainment, IT, and non-profit sectors.

  • On the “Tyranny of Freedom”

    "As the world begins to reopen, we should all take careful stock of the freedoms and liberties we have retained and ones we may have lost. Most importantly, however, we should shake off the hooks, lines, and sinkers of the world’s tyrants and enforcement sycophants to begin again with a fresh perspective." ~ Lucio Saverio Eastman

  • Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship with the Government

    "The use of fear and enforcement tactics to shut down dialogue and debate have never led to positive outcomes in any personal, societal, or global interactions." ~ Micha Gartz & Lucio Saverio-Eastman

  • Pathological and Parochial Altruism in the Age of Fear

    "A healthy altruism already resides in the concepts of liberty, free markets, free trade, and exchanges that are beneficial to each individual. If in the spirit of entrepreneurship, the defectors from the status quo, the disruptors and ingenious can rise up to challenge the “new normal” and break away from the cult of blind obedience and pathological altruism, then there is still hope." ~ Lucio Saverio Eastman

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"Bureaucracies themselves should be assumed to be noxious, authori­tarian parasites on society, with a tendency to augment their own size and power and to cultivate a parasit­ical clientele in all classes of society." ~William E. Simon
Team Reality: "I think you're wrong, here's why"

Covidians: "I think you're wrong, hope you die"
I have problems too, and there are certain ways in which society could be rearranged to make me feel “safer.” Somehow, though, I’ve managed to live my entire life without demanding everyone change theirs to accommodate my fears.
"Detached idealists of #freedom should regard themselves as a mobile force in defense of the social #equilibrium. Their aim at all times should be to prevent the domination of #society by any one organized idea or power." ~ @MaxEastmanOrg ~ https://t.co/fb3xD6fACu
Lying has #consequences. When you're discovered, people don't believe you in the future. This is the situation currently faced by big tech, media, government, pharma... They display power but they don't display intelligence & they have not earned our trust https://t.co/l6SswzspWz
The clean among the ruling class must never ever under any circumstances be exposed to viruses! This must not be tolerated! https://t.co/Ixlc1zy0yr
" #Pecksniff" is my new favorite word:
noun. An unctuous #hypocrite, a person who affects benevolence or pretends to have high moral principles; (also) a person who #interferes officiously in the business of others. Frequently attributive. Also (occasionally) as adj. #pecksniffery
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