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Since 1996, Lucio has provided inspiration, support, and leadership for creative, technological, visual, and social media in the financial, publishing, education, music and entertainment, IT, and non-profit sectors.

  • On the “Tyranny of Freedom”

    "As the world begins to reopen, we should all take careful stock of the freedoms and liberties we have retained and ones we may have lost. Most importantly, however, we should shake off the hooks, lines, and sinkers of the world’s tyrants and enforcement sycophants to begin again with a fresh perspective." ~ Lucio Saverio Eastman

  • Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship with the Government

    "The use of fear and enforcement tactics to shut down dialogue and debate have never led to positive outcomes in any personal, societal, or global interactions." ~ Micha Gartz & Lucio Saverio-Eastman

  • Pathological and Parochial Altruism in the Age of Fear

    "A healthy altruism already resides in the concepts of liberty, free markets, free trade, and exchanges that are beneficial to each individual. If in the spirit of entrepreneurship, the defectors from the status quo, the disruptors and ingenious can rise up to challenge the “new normal” and break away from the cult of blind obedience and pathological altruism, then there is still hope." ~ Lucio Saverio Eastman

Daily Economy from AIER

Daily economy news from the American Institute for Economic Research: data, stories, research, and articles touching on economics, politics, culture, education, policy, opinion, technology, markets, healthcare, regulation, trends, and much more.

  • Reining In the Fed

    "We know all too well that when it comes to bureaucratic mission creep, it’s incredibly difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. That’s why we must work to right the Fed’s course starting now. Its roles in fighting recessions and preventing financial panics are too important to be hijacked by partisanship." ~ Alexander William Salter

  • Tax Havens, or Government Cartels?

    "The intergovernmental competition offers one of the few avenues of escape from the oppressive coercion of government. Intergovernmental competition is one of the safeguards of liberty, and that safeguard is under attack by President Biden, Secretary Yellen, and the G-7." ~ Randall G. Holcombe

  • Which Antitrust Doctrine Deserves Your Trust?

    "Proper reforms should leverage more market functions, not less. In contrast, the neo-Brandeisian model will reintroduce a crippling regime of arbitrary and further unchecked state power that will surely sap the vibrancy from the American economy at a time when it is needed most." ~ Ethan Yang

“Self- #censorship manifests when reasonable minds no longer express their differences. As #authoritarian roots sink deeper into American society, the #consequences are dire.” ~ Barry Brownstein @aier


they are riding high, demonizing the opposite, more blatantly partisan than ever, celebrating censorship, pushing egregious hypocrisies, surveilling & silencing dissent, & cheering coercive impositions on the population.

Surely there will be blowback. And it could be ferocious https://t.co/ckwnfO26TO

@jeffreyatucker My new conspiracy theory is that the huge push to cloud services over the last decade such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google is all part of the ‘plan’.

If you don’t manage your own servers, you don’t have control of your data and information.

Based on what we know, the #LabLeakTheory better fits the evidence...government-funded #bioweapon experiments are playing with fire and the next time a dangerous #virus escapes we may not be so ‘lucky’ ~ David R. Henderson & Charles L. Hooper


Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise While Continuing Claims Fall https://t.co/gckuZT1LRP via @aier https://t.co/0kkfsNbT6y atonalmuse photo

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