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Branding is Simple

Yes, those colors are from the ancient “web safe” palette. They are still some of my favorites and those are the colors for one of the brands I work with. I’ve been thinking a lot about branding lately, especially with a diverse and large offering of products and channels.

I’ve put together a very small list of the good and the bad. Good, for me, is simple and easy to understand; a brand that doesn’t make you think too much about what it is, speaks for itself with no need for any marketing noise. The bad is…the opposite of that.

We’ll start with the bad first:
* Facebook (Too many logos, channels, and options. Too confusing.)

And here’s the good:
* Twitter (It doesn’t get much simpler than this. My favorite.)
* Firefox
* Skype
* Pinterest
* Instagram
* Google

Of course, this is just my opinion for what it’s worth.

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