aka Lucio Saverio-Eastman

Taoist ☯ Musician 🎶 Individual ∞ Freethinker

Live Local Music

I am the host of Thunderous Thursdays, a weekly improvisational music jam, streaming live from New Hampshire every Thursday night. It’s mostly off-the-cuff and completely live and raw. Sometimes you’ll catch our band practicing before the jams and a lot of the time there is dead air while musicians take breaks. Conversations get pretty entertaining during that time.

Why do I do this? Lets just say I’m a “lifer”. Music is part of my being and essence. There’s something about gathering other music loving and dedicated individuals to feed off of each other’s willing participation in creation and performance. No other art has the same real-time collaborative ability.

Granted, sometimes it is a cacophony of sound. But there are those magic moments when the groove just settles in and takes you on a journey into unexplored space.


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